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Mahogany Keys: The Complex Image of the African American Woman part 7

b2ap3_thumbnail_LindaB.jpgInterview with Linda Braggs Director/Owner of Serenity for Life Sober Living in Arizona An Arizona native, Linda Braggs is a writer, motivational speaker and creator of Serenity for Life Sober Living. She spent her childhood in Arizona and California and as a young woman she was soon acquainted with the destructive force of addiction that held her in its horrible grip for fifteen years.A mother of four children, grandmother, sister, daughter and aunt, she found relief in God and his Love and then turned to help others, bringing hope into their lives.She is currently working on a book titled, Colors of Addiction. Oana: What is the importance of the family in your life?Linda: The importance lies in unconditional understanding or at least a constant pursuit to understand it. It's loving each other wisely. I want to leave more than a memory for my family. Family means loving them, knowing the worst...
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The Contraception Debate: A Woman’s Right or a Congress Mandate?

Birth Control PillsIn recent weeks, there has been controversy over comments made by the nationally syndicated radio show host, Rush Limbaugh over remarks he made about Sandra Fluke, a Georgetown law student who went to testify before an all male panel on Capitol Hill – a hearing she was initially denied, to discuss whether President Obama had hurt religious freedoms by a recent mandate that health insurance companies cover contraception.  Limbaugh in his diatribe; characterized Ms. Fluke as a slut and prostitute who wanted taxpayers to pay for women’s use of birth control and to have sex.  As a result of his comments, Limbaugh has caused a national debate over women’s rights to proper health care and the use of birth control and whether employers should allow insurance companies to pay for women’s contraception.   Let’s be fair, this debate started long before Limbaugh’s comments.  In actuality, it can be said that his comments...


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