Editorial Reviews

"My Rating: 10 of 10! My Cover Thoughts: I love the cover! Shelly has done it again with an amazing cover! It is of a girl and a guy just lying in the grass just staring up into the sky looking at something. They are looking at something that makes them happy because they are smiling. My Thoughts/Review: Shelly Crane has done it again. This series will have you on the edge of your seat. She sets the..."
"Jaded was a breath taking book. I thoroughly enjoy the fact that Envy Red takes the time to present real life issues in her story and you can tell that she breathes life into each word that she inks on her pages. Do not sleep on this author. She certainly won't disappoint. Step into the shadows of Jaded and see what Envy Red is about."
Piltdown Man and Other Hoaxes: A Book about Lies, Legends, and the Search for the Missing Link
"I do believe most people will enjoy this journey into the past and present and it would be an excellent tool for educators; giving way to great discussions in the classroom. All in all, a respectable book of fact. "
You and I Alone
"A story I really didn’t see coming. This love took place in a place that I didn’t think possible. It was really one of the reasons why this book was so hard to put down. The author took two different worlds, three really and started to merge them all together in one sexual tryst that will have you just constantly turning the pages of this next book. Take the owner of a very rich club..."
Wild Hearts: An If Only Novel ( If Only... )
"Wild Hearts is a good book to read in front of the fire place on a cold snowy day. That is exactly what I did and I really enjoyed this book. I did not read the first three but they can be read as stand alone reads. We have Brie Carter who moves around a lot because of her father's business. She doesn't make friends and she does not form attachments because she knows she is going to be..."

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