Editorial Reviews

Miseducation of a Hustler
"After reading this book, what can I say I am a sucker for drama? This book did more than just pull me into the story of Wisdom but I felt like there was more realness in this book than any book that I have read. Honestly, I don't know whether this book was based on a real story or not, but as the situation and the drama unfolds, it's almost if most of this book was based on..."
"Jaded was a breath taking book. I thoroughly enjoy the fact that Envy Red takes the time to present real life issues in her story and you can tell that she breathes life into each word that she inks on her pages. Do not sleep on this author. She certainly won't disappoint. Step into the shadows of Jaded and see what Envy Red is about."
Verbal Penetration: Punany Poets
"A book about exploring black male and female sexuality. These poets in this book take you on a journey of eroticism. I got the book because they came on HBO a long time ago and was intrigued to read more. If she still does these shows, I for one have put them on my bucket list to go and see. This book has no just poetry, but stories in it as well that will turn you..."
The Misadventures of Sister Mary Olga Fortitude
"All in all, I would recommend this book and the rest of the Sister Mary Ola series to anyone who can handle laughing at life, seeing the humor in even the most religious locations as it is a ride worth taking again and again. I look forward to seeing more of this very talented authors work."
Ask Me Again
"So through the tragic loss of her best friend, Alyssa finds herself back in her hometown for her funeral where she meets her ex, Drake. All I can say was, at this point I wanted to know what really happened. The first few pages you see what happened, but I go the feeling I didn’t get the whole story. Even though she had every reason to leave him, I mean I would have dipped out..."

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