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Photo shared by on in Health
Going to sleep last night I was surrounded by nothing but love. My children my spouse all in the same bed might I add. This morning when I woke I had no clue that one of the loves I was surrounded by would need me to hold her as her body shivered while her stomach rejected what it took in the night before. Eco's from my boys saying mommy I'm hungry and fluids splashing into the toilet from the bath room. I'm standing in the kitchen getting ready to cook pancakes and eggs for the family. I looked down and in one hand I had her insulin pin and in the other was pancake mix. Then I heard it again splash... I'm currently in the process of writing several books this is one of them. I've spoke of it before it's about my daughter an her life with Type 1 Juvenile...
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Posted by on in Health
Life with My type one diabetic! My morning starts with her in mind she's (My Bratt) Brittiani a name that I'm very distinct with and that I've taught her to also be distinct with as well. Every day is a challenge for her I can't imagine how it must feel to wake up every morning knowing if I don't take a shot by the end of the day my life might be ended. You see my daughter has Juvenile Type1 Diabetes she was diagnosed at 7 an now she's 14 and for seven years we have struggled I have yelled, loved, cried, cuddled her on the floor when she could not move from pain of her muscles contracting from her blood sugar coming down from it being so high because she forgot to get the shot and had done it so often she didn't want to disappoint me so she didn't tell me... Only for me to...
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Posted by on in Health
“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” “Beauty without virtue is like a rose without scent.” “When you have only two pennies left in the world, buy a loaf of bread with one, and a lily with another.” The bread and lily one is, supposedly, a Chinese import of wisdom. Chinese or not, it prompts me to ask myself and other women a simple question: what would you spend your penny on? Assuming that you will go for bread and beauty like most of us, simple females, it all depends on your culture and…hmmm… race. To make your choices easier there are instructions on achieving beauty carefully crafted for YOU. I grew up in Europe, in the 70’s when the tanning craze was in full swing. My city was fairly close to the Black Sea, so almost every summer my mom her girlfriends and I would go to the...
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From Giants to Addicts.  Who benefits from the health industry in America? This is the scariest thing I witnessed since Magic Johnson said he had HIV. What in the hell happened? You know what's even scarier? Magic Johnson is less than a year younger than Michael Clarke Duncan! Now how in the hell a man with a man "made" disease out lives a man who could kick the Incredible Hulk's ass...and he was a vegetarian! The answer is right in front your face. Y'all like, "Oh lawd, this nigga is at it again. Here he go...what now!" Don't be mad, just saying. This comes from Mr. Carlos Muhammad of LUV4Self. He posted this pic with great information that needs to be addressed. Now me! I just pissed y'all off with the straight facts y'all can't handle. You can be mad but I don't lie. Let's get down to business. Michael Clarke Duncan's death shocked the world and a lot of questions are going...
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Posted by on in Health
Everything started with that sexy dress I saw on display one lazy afternoon while I was window shopping downtown. I wanted that dress, but she did not want me. She stretched desperately on my body, but love was not there and we could not become one. I have to give up, and put her back on the size -2 mannequin. As soon as I get home I call the local gym. Can they help? They sure can. I pay the gym fees over the phone, with my mouth full of chocolate donuts. They will give me a tour of their facility tomorrow afternoon. The trainer greets me with a smile. He tells me that workout has to be a pleasure not a torture. Pleasure? Did he just say pleasure? This might work for me, especially with the fitness rooms reminding me of the medieval museum of tortures I had visited...
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