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DJGBC Authors Spotlight: Everett R. Hubbard “The Sensitivity of a Man”

“The Sensitivity of a Man: Prose & Poems About Life, Love, Living and a Man’s Search to Find Inner Peace” Everett R. Hubbard 22Mar The purpose of this book isn’t to preach about one thing or another. It is only meant to explain the sensitivity of a man, and the things in my life that affect every aspect of my being-through my experiences with GOD, nature, myself and people, touching upon your heart my reason for living. What I’d like for you to do is to sit back, relax and read, as I recite my life through these words. Feel the joys and pains of my conception to manhood, as this infant of a man takes hold of his umbilical cord to life. Author / Poet Everett Hubbard     From the depths of despair to heights of true love, Everett R. Hubbard soulfully portrays the full breadth of the human...
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