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Trayvon Martin: The suspicious behavior behind HIS untold story PART 2

As of April 02, 2012 George Zimmerman has not been charged with any crimes at all.  That is the reason why I wrote this article.  Most importantly, did Trayvon commit any criminal acts the day he was killed?   I see at least three crimes Zimmerman committed before shooting Trayvon with one of these crimes punishable by death in most states*.   Stalking (he admitted that to the dispatcher) on public streets Inappropriate behavior with a juvenile Improper Detainment to Kidnapping* (OJ Simpson, this is how he got convicted) Displaying a weapon to promote fear Aggravated Assault to a juvenile   I also produced a re-enactment video demonstrating what I believed happened to Trayvon.   With the help from Diamond Touch Films’ Gregg Brown on camera and actor/model Drew “Bronzy” Cose to show according to the police reports what happened that.  What sticks out is the length of time of the...
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