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OP-ED or short for Opinion-Editorial are articles that expresses the opinions of the writer and not Author's Info in any way.

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¿Path to Citizenship? Unless you live under a rock you know we have an illegal immigration problem. From what I understand, the position of the Latino community is if you speak Spanish you should be allowed to stay in the USA or immigrate. Forget that you are a felon, have a terminal disease, no skills, or entered the USA illegally. Not only do we need to address illegal immigration, legal immigration needs a major overhaul. The only criteria for immigration should be to fill a job that an American citizen is unable or unwilling to take. Retired millionaires should also be give preference. The point is you must be self supporting. I don’t care if you have relatives here. The Cubans in Miami who have been here for thirty years all seem to have a dozen cousins that they somehow have kept in touch with. I’m a big fan of Bill...
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  Cutting taxes as a way to the poorhouse.  A commentary for my fellow Americans No question, government agencies can blow through money. The recent farce at the GSA gives new meaning to the term government waste. And I am surely not the only American who wonders what Secret Service agents’ cavorting with prostitutes has cost taxpayers. Then there are the super-expensive items, those ashtrays, hammers, and toilet seats—mostly purchased by the military—with obscene price tags. Generally they have been defended as meeting special requirements, such as the toilet seat not disintegrating when suffering a direct hit from a bomb. It always seemed to me that the toilet seat disintegrating would be the least of any sailor using the head at such a moment. However, who am I to judge? And, of course, there are the many instances of inter-departmental duplication. While there may be a reason that salmon are considered...
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This article is written not to offend but to open your eyes and mind to possibilities. 

In the time I've been writing articles, short stories, novels and poetry, along with hosting a weekly radio show, I've seen human nature up close. I've found a few, and I must emphasize 'few' artists, business owners and service providers who believe in reciprocating the time and effort others take in sharing their information.

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There has been a lot of discussion about a right wing war on women. I don’t believe it, not for an instant. I do not believe that the conservatives of America are waging war on their wives, their daughters, their mothers. Quite the contrary! I am sure they are dedicated to the women in their lives, even fiercely dedicated to protecting their women. And the women of America need protection. Have no doubt about that. There are so many problems to be faced, challenges to be overcome, and concerns to be addressed. For one thing, more women than ever are facing life without a man. More women than ever are single parents with children who depend on them. More than ever women are faced with earning a living and providing not only for their own frivolous needs but for the sustenance of their children, for paying the rent, and, yes, paying...
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Dillion Log CabinA while ago, I wrote this article in hope of gaining support and interest in all towns and cities Historical Societies. Most are non-profit, many without aid from their own cities and towns. As I see more and more artifacts, buildings and structures from the past torn down, demolished or closed due to lack of interest or financial support of the citizens or city officials, I knew it time to do whatever I was able to stop this insanity. 

This feeling of discontent has been growing and festering inside of me for the last few years and I know of no better way to release such negativity than to express my personal feelings on Preserving our History than to speak openly to you.

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