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Tonya Crawley

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The Contraception Debate: A Woman’s Right or a Congress Mandate?

Birth Control PillsIn recent weeks, there has been controversy over comments made by the nationally syndicated radio show host, Rush Limbaugh over remarks he made about Sandra Fluke, a Georgetown law student who went to testify before an all male panel on Capitol Hill – a hearing she was initially denied, to discuss whether President Obama had hurt religious freedoms by a recent mandate that health insurance companies cover contraception.  Limbaugh in his diatribe; characterized Ms. Fluke as a slut and prostitute who wanted taxpayers to pay for women’s use of birth control and to have sex.  As a result of his comments, Limbaugh has caused a national debate over women’s rights to proper health care and the use of birth control and whether employers should allow insurance companies to pay for women’s contraception.   Let’s be fair, this debate started long before Limbaugh’s comments.  In actuality, it can be said that his comments...


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The Pledge of Allegiance: Patriotism or Un-American?

american flag_1 Since the beginning of time, society has taught us to conform to certain ritualistic ideals.  Examples of this can be found in a cultural sense; the distinction of how boys are raised differently than girls, a religious sense; how we are brought up to believe from our parents in a higher power other than ourselves, a historical sense; the celebration of honoring those who made contributions / sacrifices in making the world a better place to live, whether it’s serving in the military, the civil rights era, or the discovery of the moon.  Another example of how society has taught us to conform to certain ritualistic ideals would be in our schools.  Such is the case with the reciting of “The Pledge of Allegiance”.  Without knowing exactly the first time I learned those words or what they meant for that matter, I do remember being in grade school, standing at...
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