How to Screw Up Your Life & Offend Others

You may ask, "Why such a negative title Monica? Thought you were such a positive person who wishes to help others and now this! Do not fear grasshopper, for I bring you insight into one of the most important aspects of your life - Attitude.

Life - it starts with each individual facing diverse beginnings. Some will enter this world lovingly embraced and welcomed while others will find themselves without a parent or guardian and some may even have a parent who rejects their existence, looking at them as a chore rather than a bundle of joy.


Every person has a story to tell, be it glorious, mundane, or horrifying. Let's accept this fact and move on. 

Bet you have had the displeasure of working with, knowing or befriending an individual who carries their woes on their shoulders, eager to share each moment of their miserable existence with you. What a tale they weave each day! To hear them speak you would think the world has zeroed in on them in an effort to bring them misery and pain. If you wish to screw up your own life, while offending others, simply follow these steps:

  • Greet each day as a chore
  • Focus on each negative occurrence in your life
  • When others say "Good Morning" or "Hello", frown and grimace, moan and groan and answer 'What's so good about it" or ignore their friendly gesture
  • Blame everyone else for your choices in life
  • Depend on others to be responsible for your own happiness
  • Be totally self-absorbed
  • Do nothing to alter the situation or circumstance you find negative

Now you got it! If you follow the above rules, people will run from your downcast face, shrugged shoulders, and whining voice. In fact, if you faithfully practice these policies, you will surely find yourself alone, unloved, avoided like the plague and produce a much more negative life than you started with. Congratulations! You have the tools to reinforce the 'sad existence' so dear to you. 

Before I write more on this subject, I want each reader who is thinking, "Easy for her to say, she's a radio host, columnist, author and manager. Her life is great and she doesn't understand." Whoa! Stop right there! I won't bore you with the specifics but my life was anything but perfect. I could write a book, which many would believe pure fiction, about my personal journey. In fact, it would shock you. I can identify with most experiences we refer to as 'bad experiences' or what I like to call "our little soap operas".

In fact, though lucky enough to have a personality where I tend to make the most of a situation and retain a positive attitude, I do comprehend, recognize and appreciate great difficulties many experience. And you too have the ability to do the same. It all boils down to attitude.  

If you do not wish to turn away every gesture of kindness, friendship and compassion, I have some new rules that may assist:

  • Wake up, stretch those limbs and greet the day with a smile
  • Reflect on what you are thankful for in life, be it something as simple as focusing on the beauty of the sky, your loving pet, the fact you are alive.
  • Look forward to the day, placing no expectations. After all, the day will turn out the way it does. The weather is a great example of this. Though you may prefer sunshine, the rain is sure to appear no matter what you wish, so don't expect it to be sunny this day, no matter what the weather channel has told you. 
  • Look in people's eyes with kindness and say hello, then smile.
  • This is a big one - hold yourself responsible for all your actions. If you do so, there is no room to blame everyone else and you will find yourself free of any hold they have on you. You'll be able to move forward
  • Do not blame your religion. You have a brain for a reason, so use it wisely.
  • Give to others. Old cliche but it works. By giving without expecting anything in return, you'll find instant joy. 

I am sure there are many more ways to live your life with a positive attitude. If you have examples, feel free to share them with me. 

Just remember, you control your life and should you find yourself on a path of unhappiness, it is you alone who have chosen to take this road. Even in the darkest night, we find light from the stars and moon. 

Ultimately, Karma is holding you accountable, so live your life wisely.


Author, latest release, The Turn of the Karmic Wheel., Monica M. Brinkman also hosts the Thursday evening Live Talk internet radio broadcast, It Matters. You can find her many articles, short stories and flash fiction throughout the internet. She welcomes you to her blog @ A Touch of Karma on blogspot. 



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