The Turn of the Karmic Wheel

Monica Brinkman is a gifted and natural creator of suspense. She needs no words of praise as her wonderfuil writing says it all. Enjoy! 

Here it is an excerpt from, “The Turn Of The Karmic Wheel.”

One vivid memory was of lying in her twin bed, amidst the down comforter and pillows. Suddenly she was transported upward;above the roof of the house, into the night sky, among the stars, and found herself hand in hand with the most beautiful being she had ever seen. Certain it was an angel; she had no fear and willingly flew up into the night, around the town, and into the universe of stars. Such a calm feeling of peace surrounded her; moreover, she felt total bliss and pure love.


Eventually, she’d be back in her own bed, fall asleep and have the most pleasant dreams, filled with magical music, magnificent beings and the sensation of pure love. Voices played in her head, sending messages of hope, peace, and universal kindness.


The next morning she awoke, so excited to share this journey with her mother and father, yet when she told them of her adventure she was met with punishment and disbelief from both, along with a sharp slap across the face.

“Angela, you stop saying such ungodly things this very second,” scolded her mother. “I’ll wash that mouth out with soap. I’ll clean those Devil words right out of your mouth. Whatever would possess you, child, to tell such stories and lies? Don’t you dare speak of this to anyone, you hear me? Now go up to your room right this minute, and when you are ready to tell us the truth, you may come back down.”

“But, Mamma,” Angela beseeched, “I’m not lying to you. I am telling you the truth. Mamma, I flew up in the sky with an angel. Oh, she was so pretty, mamma, and we went high up in the clouds and saw the stars and she held my hand all the while.”

With that, she was again slapped across the face and ordered to her room. Angela remembered crying until all that was left were hiccoughs as she gasped for air and blew her running nose until it turned red. No matter what her mother said, Angela refused to say she lied, so that evening she remained in her room, not allowed to join the family for dinner.

“Why, God,” she cried. “Why am I being punished telling the truth? Why won’t they believe me?”

This she could never understand, but learned fast it was best to keep these things, her experiences, to herself. She knew the truth and that was all that mattered. It would be her secret for life. From that moment, she never dared let anyone know that she ‘saw things’ and heard ‘messages and voices’. She knew in her heart she was seeing and hearing and living all these moments, but didn’t want to be called names, punished, or tagged as crazy. It was just a cross she had to bear. How much she longed for someone to believe her. Mother and Father said everyone would think her crazy for telling such tales, and they knew way more than her about people, so she heeded their words and never shared her experiences with another soul.


She had managed to depress the voices, messages, and visions for many years, all through college, marriage, and motherhood. It took patience and practice until, one day, they disappeared and she could live a normal life. Recently, that had changed; they were coming back much stronger and more intense. So much so she was not able to shake them off easily. It had started out with a dream every couple of weeks, which escalated to a dream every week until she was having them every single day. Along with the dreams, came vivid visions and messages. Words, forming messages, resounded in her mind and—dare she even believe this one—it seemed as if her soul beckoned her to take some sort of action.

Many times, a man and a woman would appear to her in these visions. One she believed was in the medical field, as she wore typical nursing attire, white or blue surgical scrubs, while the other baffled her to some degree, as it was an older man, quite nondescript, with wrinkles and thinning brown and gray hair. Why would she be seeing these two in her mind so often? And the words she heard were: “Angela, you are strong and good. You will need strength in the time to come. Be conscious of those you meet. Your work is not the work you seek. Be they friend or be they foe, you will get the chance to know.”

The words made no sense at all. Perhaps I am truly crossing over into the crazy zone, thought Angela. So much, that I am contemplating telling Monty about all this foolishness going on in my mind. Instantly, she heard a voice saying, “You are not to confide in anyone at this time, especially Monty. Be not afraid. You will know of what I speak soon. I am by your side. I will comfort you.”

The words gave her a sense of calm and peacefulness but also cause for concern. Why not confide in Monty? He was her husband and her best friend. She trusted him completely. Not able to think about work, Angela reasoned, I’m certainly not getting anything accomplished here, so might as well call it a day, grab a few groceries and get home to the family.

Angela rose from her seat, slid into her light jacket, exited her office and locked the door behind her. The last thing she heard as she walked toward her car was a voice in her head saying, “Good girl. You must be patient; all in time”.












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