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Patti Hultstrand -- Owner and CEO at Arizona Publishing Services, LLC

Patti Hultstrand has been writing since the 7th grade when her English teacher took an active interest in her poetry and short story writing. She became hooked when one of her short stories was published in the local library sci-fi magazine. Her first love became science-fiction when she was introduced to the works of Ray Bradbury. Fandom bit her when she actually met the man behind the works in 1987, at a special engagement speech in Phoenix, Arizona. She had taken many of those writing tips and life examples to apply in her everyday life. "Never stop to edit, just keep writing until you're done, then go back and edit, and edit, and edit again until you're satisfied."

Patti has been applying some writing in almost everything she has done from that time forward. Now writing as PJ Hultstrand, she has three published novels which are time-travel romances, and has written many articles for various mediums. With her long career of 21 years in graphic design and publishing, Patti has an accolade of four catalogs, nine program books, three magazine titles, 46 books, and she is now the Managing Editor of the long-standing, Arizona grown speculative fiction newspaper, ConNotations NewsZine.

Patti is the owner and CEO at Arizona Publishing Services, LLC

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