Editorial Reviews

Street Divas
"Very nitty gritty from start to finish. After reading the first book, I honestly didn't think there was any more of the story. I thought that was the end and the people who fought so hard to be together were just shattered because of street politics. But that isn't the case. The second book picks up where the first book left off and it starts off pretty gruesome. Let's be real, Melanie was the type of character who you..."
Breathless 2: In Love With An Alpha Billionaire
"Breathless 2 did not disappoint. You must read this climatic sensuous dramatic romantic read if you want to know the fate of Destiny. If you haven't read Breathless 1 yet, please do so. You don't won't to miss what leads up to the action in part 2. This is one series that I couldn't put down. I identified with the love that Jacob and Monte had for Destiny, although I was partial to Jacob. I dislike spoiler alerts, so there..."
"You meet the characters in this book while they are coming out of relationships that ended horribly. Their relationships start with dating a person that is same race. Tammy is through with black men altogether and for good reason. She was the type of woman who looked past a man's demeanor and just fell in love with the man. Terrell is a genuinely nice guy who respects the gentleman's code, but when it comes to his racist girl,..."
Love and Skate
"Man can I just first start by saying that Lila Felix has an incredible knack for writing! She writes these incredible stories with these kick butt girls and these swoon worthy bad boys. Lord Love and Skate had me on a roller coaster of a ride. I was laughing one minute then crying the next. Have you ever loved someone so hard and given your all for them to turn around and rip your heart out and stomp..."
Wicked Designs (The League of Rogues)
"Love, love, LOVE. Rogue, drama, and LOVE This was actually the first book and the one that I should have been reading before His Wicked Seduction. So this is how it went down in the beginning. You meet Emily Parr who is desperate to find a husband on her own so that she can get away from her uncle and the person her uncle has a debt to, Blankenship. While riding, she ends up..."

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