Editorial Reviews

The Cartel 4: Diamonds Are Forever ( Cartel #04 )
"The authors brought all of my favorite characters back for a whirlwind of a ride in the Cartel 4 by Ashley and Jaquavis. If you haven't read the first three I suggest you close this tab, go and read them and come back at me. All the hidden unanswered question are revealed and a few surprising characters return for some eye popping reveals In the privacy of his home Carter keeps his relationship with Mia a secret..."
Secrets of a Kept Woman 1
"A good story about overcoming odds in a broken marriage You meet three young ladies in their high school years and already, they have a plan mapped out for their future and are working hard to obtain it. They seemed to be three girls who were friends, but not really friends. But they stayed close throughout the years. They each end up finding the men in their lives and from here you start to see their..."
The Last Time We Say Goodbye
"Okay I am going to say this first...... Lord you need a box of tissues because you are going to cry and cry and cry some more. This book deals with suicide and the after math of the suicide. This is such a serious issue that is in the news right now that I just want everyone to know that life is worth living and no matter what the problem is it is not worth taking your own life. Reach..."
Pure: The Second Covenant Novel
"Pure was PURELY AMAZING! I do not know where to begin with this review so I am going to trcy and reign it in so I do not spoil it for people who have not read it. I absolutely love this series and how it is turning out. Pure starts where Half Blood ended. Alex is still trying to come to grips with the death of her mother and the fact that she is the Appollyon. She also has..."
For What It's Worth
"For What It's Worth is a cute story and was a breath of fresh air for me to read. I sometimes have my head in books of the same genre for months on end and this book was different and it looked cute so I said I want to give it a go and I am glad I did. I am sort of a sap for quirky love stories and this is definitely one. Abby Benson is 24 years..."

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