Random Editorial Reviews

Wild Hearts: An If Only Novel ( If Only... )
"Wild Hearts is a good book to read in front of the fire place on a cold snowy day. That is exactly what I did and I really enjoyed this book. I did not read the first three but they can be read as stand alone reads. We have Brie Carter who moves around a lot because of her father's business. She doesn't make friends and she does not form attachments because she knows she is going to be leaving soon. So when her father comes home and says they are moving to Lost Spring, Wyoming she is not..."
Oxford Whispers (The Oxford Trilogy)
"This is a new Trilogy that is sure to capture the hearts of those who love Paranormal reads as well as Historical reads."
Secrets of a Kept Woman 2
"The girls are back, well almost all of them. We are more centered on Shayla and what her life has become since her split with Titus and Lissa who is her best friend, now. And I got to say, she really ended up on top and was really showing it in the beginning of this books. On this trail of finding herself, she went back to school and is a doctor. I know pretty cool right, but that wasn't even the best part. She got remarried to the wonderful Antonio Davis and if you don't..."
The Goddess Inheritance (A Goddess Test Novel)
"As I sit here writing this review I am so saddened because this is the last book in the trilogy that I have grown to love. When I first started reading this series I could not get enough of Henry, Ava, James and Calliope and of course our girl Kate. Kate suffered so much between having to move to a new place and her mother passing away to finding out the truth of what she was and what her mother is. As we set out on Kate's Journey she is put through a series of tests and every test..."
His Wicked Seduction (The Leagues of Rogues)
"This book starts off with a little rule and newspaper section, but before you decide to put this book down, continue reading it gets better. You meet this guy named Lucien and he is mad stalking this young lady named Horatia. I don't know whether it's lust or love but he definitely has a thing for her, but for some reason, he can't have her. He finally gets a chance to catch up to her and right when you think he gets that chance a carriage comes straight for him causing Lucien to save Horatia's life. ..."

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