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Ask Me Again
"So through the tragic loss of her best friend, Alyssa finds herself back in her hometown for her funeral where she meets her ex, Drake. All I can say was, at this point I wanted to know what really happened. The first few pages you see what happened, but I go the feeling I didn’t get the whole story. Even though she had every reason to leave him, I mean I would have dipped out..."
You and I Together
"If you loved the first book in this series, then you are really going to love where this couple is going to go in this steamy read. I feel like in this story you learning if they can really maintain a relationship inside of what they have as a couple. This book really opened up these characters and I couldn't wait to read more and more of it. A book to read for the summer would be..."
Hustlin Divas
"We start off learning that Memphis has three gang groups and within it, there are females who have a factor in how these gangs operate. We have the Flowers, Cripettes, and the Queen G and I did not read the story yet, but I heard this author was good in supplying me with the drama and suspense that I crave in stories. From the looks of it, she doesn't disappoint. The first two pages, instant fight..."
Jaylin's World: Dare to Live in It
"A good story to the finale of the Naughty Series Ok, so this book was the finale of all the Naughty series by Brenda Hampton and it didn't fail to excite me. Instead of the book being titled Naughty and a number, the author took a different route and decided to call it Jaylin's World and it fit perfectly with the story. The chapters don't all center on Jaylin, but the characters do and I have got..."
"First I would like to thank Jamie for allowing me to read an ARC copy of Eden. When I first started on The Providence Journey I had never heard of the book but I had just finished buddy reading with my girls Jojo and Jen Beautiful Disaster. So we LOVED that book and we decided we would give Providence a chance. I am so glad we did because Jamie has brought a world where good must fight evil in order..."

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