Editorial Reviews

You and I Alone
"A story I really didn’t see coming. This love took place in a place that I didn’t think possible. It was really one of the reasons why this book was so hard to put down. The author took two different worlds, three really and started to merge them all together in one sexual tryst that will have you just constantly turning the pages of this next book. Take the owner of a very rich club..."
Sins of the Abused
"Get inside the mind of one man who struggled for years with the consequences of being sexually abused by a personal family friend and priest in his church. This book takes you far into the how's, why's and but's and will answer questions you may have been pondering regarding the topic of sexual abuse in the religious sanctions. Every single parent, guardian and educator needs to read this novel to gain insight and also to see signs, signals and..."
Stealing Candy ( Zane Presents )
"Allison Hobbs got me with this book and when I say got me, I was in shock and awe at the very first page. She took the stories of these three girls and took me through a very dreary story of what happens when you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. To me this story was very dark with hint of hope as you see Gianna’s character not just be the first victim but for..."
Forever My Girl (The Beaumont #1)
"This book grabs you right from the first page and keeps you reading until the end. You will be rooting for Liam all the way! Sometimes mistakes are made but in the end if you own up to them things just might be okay."
The Start of Me and You
"The Start of Me and You is one of those stories that grabs you in by the first page and keeps you reading until you are on the last page screaming no way I need more I want more. I could picture Paige in my head the entire time I was reading thinking to myself she is one strong girl to finally decide that after two years she is ready to go back to school and start over again. ..."

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